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Texana Furniture Co. Custom Millwork

Along with providing specialty lumber, Texana also provides custom millwork made to customer specifications. Below are a number of milled wood products Texana can provide. Millwork pricing varies by project, call or email if you wish to receive a price quotation for your project.

The most popular millwork Texana provides is long-leaf pine flooring recycled from old Texas homes. Old pine flooring is also produced by resawing and remilling larger timbers into flooring. Mesquite flooring is also available, and is growing in popularity in newer Texas homes.

Interior Mouldings
As with flooring, Texana can supply either original home interior mouldings (on a limited basis), or can mill new mouldings from old lumber. Mesquite wood is another popular wood for interior moulding and trimwork that can be produced. Texana producing mouldings and trimwork that fit with the "Early Texas" theme.

Stairways, Railings
Texana has designed and built a number of custom stairways for Texas homes, and can build them in a variety of Texas woods.

Many old Texas homes utilized columns in their designs. Texana
can provide old style columns made of Texas woods to add authenticity to the porch or entryway of you early Texas style home.

Custom Millwork
If you are looking for custom milled wood items not listed here, Texana will likely be able to help you find them. Call or email the company to inquire on your specific requirements.

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