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Texana Furniture Co. Lumber

A big part of Texana's furniture business is locating the particular woods needed for reproducing authentic Early Texas furniture. Many Texana furniture customers have requested and purchased these woods directly as well. These specialty woods have grown into a side business for the company, and Texana has come to be known as premier source for this lumber. Since lumber prices can vary dramatically, please call or email for specifics on availability and price quotes. Any prices listed on this page are estimate figures prone to fluctuations. The woods Texana specializes in are listed below.

Old-growth Long-leaf Pine
Long-leaf pine was plentiful in TX before the turn of the century, but the large "old growth" trees used in this lumber have been consumed and only newer trees are left to replace them. Thus the only sources for this beautiful wood are the homes that were built back in that period. The old-growth wood is far superior to any new pine lumber because of the high resin content, beautiful red and yellow coloration, and spectacular grain patterns it possesses, which is enhanced further by the years of aging it has accumulated. Texana recycles this wood from old Texas houses that are deteriorated beyond the point of restoration. Old pine flooring and interior trimwork/mouldings are popular items among customers, and Texana can provide either originals or mouldings remilled from larger old pine timbers.

Mesquite was "rediscovered" in the last decade, and has grown to be an extremely popular wood in Texas. This popularity is for good reason- the wood itself has beautiful red coloration and grain patterns that is interesting yet unobtrusive. The wood is also very well-behaved, barely warping or checking at all while drying. Woodworkers love mesquite because it is a very hard wood, but is not hard to cut or work with. Mesquite is being considered a renewable resource in Texas because it grows quickly, and a number of ranchers are considering growing mesquite for lumber harvest.

Probably the only shortcoming of Mesquite is the shortage of large, straight trees needed for larger lumber. Most Mesquite tress are very crooked and gnarly, and thus most mesquite lumber is limited in length. Texana deals extensively in mesquite lumber and can provide some of the best mesquite available.

Cypress wood is known for its weather resistance, and was used for nearly all the wooden siding used on Texas homes around the turn of the century. This wood is so resilient that this siding is still in good condition after 100 years of exposure to the weather. Texana recycles this old siding for use in home resorations projects or new homes that want that classic old Texas look. Texana also provides new cypress lumber milled from local cypress trees.

Texas Black Walnut
Texas black walnut trees once were plentiful along Texas riverbottom lands, but most were were harvested for their lumber many years ago. Like recycled pine, Texana occcasionally comes across a supply of old Texas walnut, or the occasional remaining tree that needs to be removed. Texas walnut is similar to regular black walnut, but typically has a much darker color and more distinct grain pattern.

Pecan is the state tree of Texas, and provides a beautiful white to light-brown colored wood. In certain regions where Pecan is plentiful, entire houses used to be framed in Pecan wood. Pecan is an excellent choice for those wanting an authentic Texas wood for their home or project.

Hackberry is a tree that is plentiful in Texas but is still somewhat undiscovered as a wood. Hackberry is a hardwood with a milky white to light yellow color and a unique feathery grain pattern. As it is not a popular wood (yet), Texana does not normally deal in it but can provide it at the customer's request.

Live Oak
Before purchasing live oak lumber, ask yourself if you really need the headache! Live oak has a beautiful twisted grain pattern and pleasant light-brown coloration, but is extremely hard and dense, and is very difficult to keep from warping. Live oak is another wood Texana does not normally deal in, but can be provided at the customer's request.

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