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Texana Furniture Co. Hardware

In the early years of his furniture building, David Clifton was frustrated by the lack of appropriate hardware for his furniture. Anything he found that even resembled the early Texas look he needed was outrageously priced or very poor quality, and still not a good match for his early Texas furniture style. David and a partner decided they should design and manufacture their own hardware line to fill the need for both the furniture company and for anyone else who can appreciate Texana style hardware for a reasonable price. Thus Texana Hardware Co. was formed and has been the provider of the authentic hardware used on Texana Furniture items ever since.

Check out the slide show on the right to view some sample images of Texana Hardware pieces. (The hardware line is still being developed, so the images are limited at this point.) If you are interested in specialty hardware for you home or for a project, or would just like to know more about the hardware used on Texana furniture, visit the Texana Hardware website for more information.
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