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Texana's furniture designs are inspired by the furniture created during the European settlment of Texas in the mid 19th century. Furniture craftsmen among the settlers adapted their furniture building skills to the rigors of settlement life and built furniture that emphasized practicality and durability yet maintained their old-world European style. Although they were unfamiliar with the woods native to the region, they used what was available and quickly discovered a number of Texas woods that were both durable and beautiful. The simplicity, craftsmanship, and comfort of their furniture combined with the beauty of native Texas woods resulted in a truly unique furniture style. Texana Furniture Co. strives to reproduce this old Texas style in its own furniture designs. Read on for more details on what goes into a piece of Texana furniure to make it unique.

Native Woods
A Texana furniture piece begins at the tree. Texana mills Mesquite and other native woods into boards and dries them to obtain lumber unlike any other. Long-leaf pine used to be a popular wood used for common lumber, but now the only sources for this beautiful old-growth pine are the structures built from it almost 100 years ago. Texana reclaims this old-growth pine from old homes that have deteriorated beyond restorable condition. The history behind this old wood is able to live on in the form of Texana's unique furniture.

Authentic Construction
Although Texana has produced thousands of furniture items over the years, each piece is still hand-built using craftmanship methods from the old days. Texana pieces feature such details as dovetailed drawers and square-pegged mortise-and-tennon joinery. After searching the country and not finding anything worth using for hardware, the company formed a sister company Texana Hardware Co. to provide the authentic hardware used on the furniture.

One of the most interesting aspects of Texana furniture is the variations seen in each furniture piece. Each piece of wood used has features that seperate it from any other. Mesquite wood has very unique and interesting grain patterns and colorations, and even "flaws" that Texana utilizes to add extra character to furniture pieces. Long-leaf pine sometimes has a few nail holes left over from the old home it was salvaged from, and may even have some rust or other discolorations. Hand construction combined with tasteful use of these wood features result in truly unique and beautiful furniture items.

Custom Finish
Furniture is only as good as the finish applied to it, and Texana uses a specially blended oil and wax based finish, or custom stains and finishes to give the furniture a durable and beautiful look. The finish is hand applied and buffed, and produces a silky feel with a satin surface that is neither dull nor overly shiny. The finish is also easily maintained and can be repaired with a simple wax buffing if the surface is later slightly damaged.

Universal Appeal
Texana's furniture style is most "at home" in an old-style Texas home, but it also accentuates many other home styles as well. The furniture's simple design is non-intrusive and mixes well with other furniture styles when used in more modern homes, and can be just what your home needed to add a touch of warmth to an otherwise cold room. Some of Texana's corporate customers have even used the furniture to contrast modernistic surroundings and had excellent results.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Texana's furniture is that it is offered at prices competitive with what you find in an ordinary furniture store. The pricing begs the question, why purchase mundane, mass-produced furniture from a large outlet when you can purchase custom-made unique furniture for nearly the same price?

Modern Pieces
Never limited in design ability, we are able to create modern custom pieces as well.

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